Semse Planets is a Game for the Future

In the world of Semse Planets you’re someone in the future, whose job is to terraform planets. You don’t do this for money but for merit and mostly—joy. Your helper is an AI with a sense of humor.

Semse Planets aids you to look at your mind and its different states. The game’s feedback system can help you to learn how to focus your attention and how to relax.

The valuable time you spend with yourself in the game is reflected through the improvement of the planet. No need to touch the screen.

Team & Vision

We are a creative team of musicians, designers, artists and coders with the mission to bring more self‑awareness to people, using modern tools.


We see a future in which the development of one’s consciousness is an everyday process. People would live in harmony both with the environment and with technology.

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Art & Tech


Works with Muse brain-sensing headband


Mind Music Matrix creates atmospheric soundscapes based on brainwaves


Open-eye feedback of Focus and Relax mind states.

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