The Journey of Mindful App Development

In 2014, the seeds of Semse World were sown as “Mind Music Evolution”, a project aimed at creating music using BCI technology. But this venture transcended mere technological progress; it was a quest for mental and spiritual growth through BCI tools and real-time neurofeedback.

Visionaries Behind Semse World

Samu Csernák and Tamás Leisz: Zoltán Samu Csernák, a musician, composer, and the visionary behind Semse World, partnered with Tamás János Leisz, a graphic designer and animator. These lifelong friends united their unique talents to collaborate closely on this endeavor. Samu’s three-decade dedication to music and his background in programming skills collided with Tamás’s artistic curiosity about the human consciousness. This fusion of skills and shared passion led to the birth of Semse World.

The evolution of
Semse Aware

Semse World’s flagship app, Semse Aware, is a pivotal creation in their journey. It operates with open eyes, calculating an “awareness” value through a proprietary algorithm, validated through collaboration with the University of Pécs, lending scientific credibility to the project. User feedback continuously refines the app, making it more user-friendly.

What sets Semse Aware apart is its holistic approach to consciousness. It utilizes Muse™ technology to provide real-time neurofeedback and foster mindfulness. By capturing data on cognitive states, it gently guides users toward a state of present moment awareness, which has been associated with reduced anxiety and stress, improved mood, and heightened well-being in numerous studies.

But Semse Aware is not just about algorithms and neuroscience. The app let users to ‘compose’ music, likened to building a musical LEGO set that adapts to the user’s cognitive state. The Mindala visualization offers a beautifully crafted image of one’s mental state, a unique and pioneering feature. Users have the extraordinary ability to create and share a ‘selfie’ of their mind.

Developing Mindfulness

The development of Semse Aware was a journey of exploration and experimentation. The team delved into the uncharted territory of BCI technology, seeking consumer-friendly, efficient, and professional-grade tools. Their choice of Muse, known for its top-notch EEG data quality, developer support, and user-friendly features was pivotal.

The initial stages were marked by coding and algorithm experiments, transforming brainwave data into audio-visual feedback, giving birth to a novel form of interactive relaxation and mindfulness.

The Path Forward:
A Glimpse of the Future

Semse World envisions an innovative future, promising to continually enhance Semse Aware as well as integrating Muse technology into their musical instrument app; musicLabe. They also plan to introduce Semse Planets, a unique game rooted in mindfulness and neurofeedback. In this game, the valuable time spent with yourself reflects through the improvement of the planet, creating a science fiction game for the future, where you’re someone whose job is to terraform planets, with the help of a humorous AI. The company also plans to expand into the AR and VR domains, further enriching their creative experiences.

With a treasure trove of app ideas, Semse World aims to provide unique and creative audiovisual and gaming experiences. Their unwavering commitment to BCI technology and Muse suggests a promising path forward.

In a few years, Semse World aspires to become the leading software developer for consumer BCI devices. Their vision is to raise humanity to a more conscious level, fostering unity in harmony with technology and nature. Semse World’s journey of mindful app development is set to transform lives by offering a path to greater self-awareness and well-being.

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