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Musical instrument in your pocket

musicLabe is an easy-to-use instrument with everything you need to bring your music to the next level. Take your knowledge and creativity further with features for anything you can imagine.

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Awareness for the future

Semse Relax

Learn to let go

Semse Relax helps you to realize when your mind is in a relaxed state by guiding you through a flow of images and soundscapes that react to your measured brainwaves.

Begin your journey to explore the fields of your mind.

Semse Planets

neurogame for Muse brain-sensing headband

The game’s feedback system can help you learn how to focus your attention and how to relax. The valuable time you spend with yourself in the game is reflected through the improvement of the planet. No need to touch the screen.

Let’s play meditation!

Let it Go by Samu Csernak

Our first music release

‘Let it go’ is about dealing with loss and includes seven improvised minimal ambient jazz piano pieces and one special composition.

The atmospheric sound was created with the unique use of the muffler and damper pedals.

Enhance your meditation practice and make it more colourful.

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