our values

We have a fairly simple mission. We want to help.

We are working on bringing biofeedback devices to a more popular level because we think technology can be used for good. Technology is not the goal but rather the tool to help people develop the skills necessary to grow the act of introspection into a habit. We envision a future where people live in harmony both with the environment and with technology.

Our long-term aim is to help our species become interplanetary in order to preserve human consciousness.

Rather than solely utilizing the funds that investors could provide, our goal is to develop Semse Apps with the help of the community—even if it takes longer. We don’t want to become just another startup that grows huge over a very short period of time, only to disappear into obscurity as the world moves on. We strive to keep our team a manageable size so we can be as efficient as possible.

We will treat the assets entrusted to us with ethical responsibility. We consider these assets to be: people, sources, data and money.

With our apps we aim to provide unique and creative audiovisual and gaming experiences.