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semse relax

The goal of our first application is to help people learn to release stress consciously and calm themselves.

Semse Relax helps you to realize when your mind is in a relaxed state by guiding you through a flow of images and soundscapes that react to your measured brainwaves.

The valuable time spent with yourself during meditation can help you to gain positive results in your life.

Begin your journey to explore the fields of your mind. Form a habit and solidify your progress with regular reports and reach your goals.

When you’re in a relaxed state, the image gets sharper and
the audio atmosphere changes to a musical score.

Team & Vision

We are a creative team of musicians, designers, artists and coders with the mission to bring more self‑awareness to people, using modern tools.


We see a future in which the development of one’s consciousness is an everyday process. People would live in harmony both with the environment and with technology.

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Art & Tech


Works with Muse brain-sensing headband

Original musical composition, generative music based on brainwaves.
Works on iOS devices (Android planned)
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